I'm Jen. 18. Queen. And I'm in love with Luke.


hugging me from behind and kissing my neck at the same time is a good way to melt my heart

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Moment of silence for straight girls whose boyfriends don’t go down on them

Dawg that’s sad, every dude should go down on their girlfriends

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i think the worst feeling ever is finding out your crush is intrested in someone else tbh

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friend: what are you gonna be for halloween?
me: drunk
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self diagnosing is so hard because everytime you’re like “maybe I am mentally ill” theres also a big part of you going “nah you’re probably just a naturally lazy/nasty/disgusting/useless person trying to find an excuse for your behavior” because of the institutionalized ableism that runs through everything

So go to the doctor and get an actual diagnosis?

Why don’t poor people just buy more money?

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